At JABxing we offer one to one personal training and small group training designed to enable you to meet your goals and help you achieve your desired results. We will start with a free initial consultation where we will ask you questions regarding your current fitness, your goals, any injuries you may have sustained and current nutrition. We will use this information to assess what sort of training will benefit you the most both inside the gym with us and also to advise you on what you can do between sessions to help you outside of the gym to work on to achieve your goals. 

Types of training that we offer...

Fat loss

Strength building


Boxing training and tuition

All of our personal trainers are level 3 qualified and are either current or ex-boxers


1 to 1 starting at £50 per hour, £30 for half an hour

1 to 2 starting at £60 per hour (£30 per person)

1 to 3 starting at £70 per hour (£24 per person)

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